What is Cornerstone Content?

Content is one of the main three factors that Google has said is a top ranking factor so ensuring your website’s content is appealing to your audience is extremely important. You may have heard the term “cornerstone content” and wondered what that is in relation to your website content. In a nutshell, cornerstone content is content that you want to be known for.

Watch the video below or continue reading about Cornerstone Content below the video.

Cornerstone content can be focused on a service or product that you want to be known for. For example, if you are a destination wedding planner, you may create cornerstone content around a particular destination or resort that you specialize in.

So how do you go about creating cornerstone content? First you’ll need to identify what you want to be known for, and then step two is to create a dedicated page for it on your website. Make sure you create an actual page for it, not a blog post.

On that page, you’ll want to provide in depth, long content that reflects the main theme of your website. Essentially this content will act as a resource page on that topic for people who visit your website. As an example, check out what Yellow Umbrella Travel has done with their resource page on Palace Resorts. They specialize in destination travel, particularly to Mexico, and especially with Palace Resorts… so it makes sense for them to create a guide on that topic!

In your cornerstone content, there are going to be ideas and topics that can be used as blog posts. In fact, if you write very in depth content, you may end up with 20-30 possible topics that you can build blog posts around. Once you pick one of those topics and create an individual blog post, you’ll link that blog post back to your cornerstone content page. Those blogs are now supporting and adding relevancy to your cornerstone content.

Your next step is to build external links back to your content through link building activities such as guest blogging, social media content, and so on. Depending on the site that is backlinking, you could be building even more authority and relevancy.

So take 15 minutes now to do some brainstorming… what types of cornerstone content could you create on your website that would build your website as an authority?

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