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Burnout & Coming Back to What You Love

Free Viewing Available: September 18-20
Presenter: Rachel Sheerin

In this workshop, Rachel talks about the big B word that hospitality professionals all feel at one time (or over and over again): Burnout. What burnout is, why we get it, how we can get back to our best selves and letting go of negativity of the "woulda/coulda/shouldas" of life are at the core of this presentation.

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How to Manage Multiple Personalities in an Event

Free Viewing Available: October 9-11
Presenter: Kim Sayatovic

What do you do when two vendors on the event team aren’t the biggest fans of each other? What happens when family or co-worker relationships don’t mix? How do you keep things running smooth when personalities clash? And how do you build a team that works well together? In this workshop, Kim discusses vendor relationships, client relationships, and how to build your tribe.

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