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Wedding Show Success Secrets

Free Viewing Available: August 9-11
Presenter: Marc McIntosh

It’s no secret that engaged couples use online resources throughout their wedding planning adventure, but 97 percent will not make a major purchase decision without a face-to-face meeting. Executed properly, an exhibit at a wedding show can be a cost effective and time efficient method of making these personal connections. Executed poorly, a show will be a colossal waste of your time and money.

In this fast paced presentation, Marc McIntosh will show you how shows work, why they work, and how they can work for you. He’ll outline a plan for maximizing your ROI and will even share a way to double your business.

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How to Stay Organized and Manage Your Business Information

Free Viewing Available: August 23-25
Presenter: Linda Chu

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Information is Power” but while this might be true, in this digital age, access to your information is much more powerful. In this workshop with Linda Chu from Out of Chaos, you’ll be given some tools and strategies focused on how to stay on top of that constant flow of information rather than getting buried under it.

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Advanced Pinterest

Free Viewing Available: September 6-8
Presenter: Serena Waller

Coming Soon

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